6 Unique Ways to Use a Wooden Monogram

Monograms are undoubtedly the best way to personalize…everything! They add flair to what was once plain, and create a completely unique item.

Over the years, we’ve sold thousands of monograms: vinyl, embroidered, and our personal favorite: wooden monograms. Customers come to us with some truly great ideas, and right now we’ll share our 6 favorite ways to use a wooden monogram.

1. Door hanging

door monogram

Need a way to turn that dreary old piece of wood into a door that wows? Hang a wooden monogram using bright tulle or ribbon!

2. Wreath


During the holiday season, everyone has a wreath on their door. One way to make yours unique is to put a monogram inside the wreath. It adds a personal touch as well as making it stand out in a cute way!

3. Place settings

place setting

A customer once came in and ordered wooden monograms instead of place cards! When your guests head to their tables, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to find their monogram on a plate instead of just a plain card with their name on it.

4. Boys’ room


Monograms aren’t just for the ladies…they look great in boys’ rooms! One of our customers ordered a large monogram, which we painted race car red—perfect for over her son’s crib!

5. Christmas ornament


You love putting your children’s hand-made ornaments on the tree. In fact, I bet you still put them up ten years later. We just love a personal touch in place of the same ornaments you can buy anywhere!

Turn small wooden monograms into Christmas ornaments, and your tree will never be the same. We can also paint them a shimmery gold for some sparkle!

6. Wedding “guest book”


You know the drill. When your big day comes, you set out a book, and have every guest sign it. But what happens after? You close it and put it on your shelf…never to look at it again.

By turning a large wooden monogram into your “guest book”, you can have your new monogram as a staple piece in your home, and see the lovely messages that your guests left you every day.



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