9 Things You Wish You Had Done at Your Wedding

Pinterest, DIY sites and the internet as a whole are incredible resources for wedding ideas. There are seemingly endless possibilities for your wedding—how can you possibly choose the best ones? We’re here to show you the ideas that we can help you with (paper products and beyond); the ideas that people will be talking about for years!

Everything in this blog post is something we can put together for you, so come in and let us make your wedding special!

“Call Anyone But the Bride” Phone Number List


It’s the biggest day of her life…don’t turn a bride into a bridezilla! Make sure each guest has a handy phone number list so all their problems can be solved (without bothering the bride).


“Sole Mate” Messages


For a unique photo opportunity and a way to make even their shoes sentimental, have the bride and groom write messages on the bottom of each others’ shoes. Another twist on this is to have all the bridesmaids write a short message on the bride’s shoes (and groomsmen on the groom’s shoes). Whoever’s name isn’t worn off after the reception is next to be married!

Address Cards for Newlyweds


To help start the bride and grooms’ lives together, have each guest fill out an address card for an address book. This way, the bride and groom have names and addresses for Christmas cards and thank yous!

Mad Lib RSVPs


Make RSVPs fun for your guests! We can design you a fun and funky RSVP card that will surely get your guests’ attention.

Post-Wedding Door Hangers


Weddings are exhausting, even if you’re just a guest! For those staying in a local hotel, make sure the maid knows they’re sleeping in with these cute custom door hangers.

Custom Coasters


Don’t let that bar go to waste—protect your guests’ drinks with custom coasters that tell waitstaff they’re not quite done.

“5 Things” Cards


For cute, different table numbers, print out cards with a number of facts you may not know about the couple corresponding with the table number. It’s a fun way for guests to know more about the new couple.

To-Go Cake Boxes

It is said that the one thing people remember about your wedding is the cake. Why not let guests take a bit of it home with them? With custom cake boxes, your guests get to relive your wedding over again (even if it means busting that box open and eating the cake on the way home)!

Thimblepress Push-Pop Confetti


Who needs bubbles when you can have confetti? Floral Pops shower the bride and groom with dried flower petals; standard confetti drowns them in a huge variety of paper and ribbon! The best part? After guests are done, they can take the push-pops home and use the container to make an edible push-pop dessert!

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