To Bring or Not to Bring : The Great Debate for a +1 at a Wedding

Let’s face it  – if you’re not married or extremely comfortable going stag, going to a wedding alone is not so much fun. Sometimes a friend also gets to go to the same wedding. You two can blissfully swap notions of what attire to wear, what kind of theme the wedding will be, and whether or not you’ll bring a date. But that’s not the question being addressed. In the paper world, bringing a plus one relies on the sheer determination of the wording written on the wedding invitation envelope. Usually, people often assume that bringing someone to the wedding is appropriate as long as you mention his/her name on the RSVP card. But, to be truthful, that decision to bring a +1 doesn’t lie on you, the envelope decides for you. How? If you see “and guest”, then therein is your answer.

It sounds kind of unfair right? Actually, it really is not.

Let’s go back to the couple. Weddings require planning, planning involves lots of guests, guests need to eat food, and food requires money. The politics of guests get really tricky because not all weddings can have extra room for additional guests. It could be a factor of tight budgeting or a reception hall has only X amount of seats available. In the most respectful and kindest way, that’s where the wording comes into play.  ”AND GUEST” is a great way to go.

Where and when do you add “AND GUEST”? If you’re going for the traditional 2 envelope style, most people address the main guest on the outer and specify on the inner envelope.


To get more specific, you can always add all the guests’ names on the envelope. If you’re opting out of the 2 envelopes, you’re free to put “AND GUEST” at the front envelope.


But at the end of the day, these nuances are up to you. Whether you deem this issue important is up to you. Couples, it is your wedding and your special day. It is on your terms whether or not you think that extra person is necessary. Most people become self conscious about minor details about this, but they will always respect what you want. Experience tells us that people do not even know when to add “AND GUEST” most of the time. When in doubt, the best judgement is to ask. It’s a fun, important, and special event- no one is going to think otherwise. And there is a guarantee that all your guests will want to celebrate and share that moment with you despite that +1.