That’s Why You’re Called Mom

Let’s face it. Between soccer practices, making dinner, recitals, watching the Olympics, and running your own business, there’s no time to just spontaneously relax. In fact, your most common phrase to your best friends is “I’ll pencil you in.” To you,the greatest known invention is the planner. You’ve had it all – filofaxes, calendars, and even the palm pilot but nothing seems to beat your MomAgenda. Every month, every week, nay, every DAY – your life is properly set for what needs to be done and when it will happen. You’ve been able to make sure little Tanner gets to his day camp just before Baby Sydney needs to be dropped off at Pop’s house all the while making business phone calls as you rush around your closet trying to look your your best for your husband’s big dinner with his bosses. The goal is to make it look easy. To make your whole life look easy. But it’s the end of July and you know what that means – your MomAgenda planner is almost finished. You close your eyes and you realize August is next month and you haven’t planned anything.  PTA meetings, school supplies, lunches, field trips, homework, projects, carpooling, soccer practice, basketball practice, golf lessons, piano lessons, the list goes on and on. Chaos.

So what do you do? Run to Paper Affair. They have the goods. Whether it be the desktop folio, the original, or the animal print designs – they have what you need. You can relax. You take your myEssentials booklet from your last MomAgenda and slip it behind your new fresh MomAgenda. You heave a giant sigh of relief. It’s going to be ok. It’s going to be ok…