Surviving the Holidays: Part 2

This year you decide it’s Sister Maggie’s turn to host Thanksgiving at her house. What a relief, seeing as last year’s dinner ended up with a giant food fight and a messy house hours later. But being the big sibling that you are, you do your best to help out anyway you can. If your friends or family ask you to bring  a dish – don’t walk in empty handed!

Take your Thanksgiving meals and spice them up in a whole new way! We say break tradition from the usual Thanksgiving dishes. Ellise Pierce brings Texas style meals with French flair. Here are a few dishes to impress your friends with and give a new spin on Holiday foods!

We are happy to tell you that you can buy her awesome cookbook, COWGIRL CHEF, at any of our 3 stores where you can find more recipes. Also, visit her cute website [  ]