Our Top 5 Favorite Baby Gifts

In today’s world, around 4 babies are born every single second. With a ton of babies comes a ton baby showers, and that means being prepared with a great gift for the new little one in your life. Read on to discover a few of our absolute favorite baby gifts!

5. Baby Janie


Baby Janie creates gorgeous stitched bibs and blankets. The simplicity of a simple color on white fabric is unmatched, and makes these items completely unique.

4. WubbaNub Pacifiers


The only thing better than a soothing pacifier is a soothing pacifier with a stuffed animal attached! With fun colors and baby-safe materials, it’s hard not to love these adorable toys.

3. Monogrammed and Personalized Plush Toys


Here at Paper Affair, we can monogram pretty much anything, and some of our favorites are the plush toys we have in-store! From large stuffed animals to small baby toys, there’s hardly a limit to what we can customize for you.

2. Zooties Animal Booties


We’ve just started carrying Zooties in our stores, but we’re already obsessed! They come as lions, dinosaurs, whales, ladybugs and even a floral pattern. As hand-made baby shoes shaped like animals and made out of soft felt, Zooties are #1 in baby fashion.

1. Chewbeads


And now for our #1 favorite baby gift–Chewbeads! This fashion-forward jewelry is made specifically for moms whose babies like to chew on their chunky jewelry. Instead of wearing jewelry that could injure your child, put on Chewbeads so your baby chews on a soft, safe material…while staying stylish!  Hot pink, turquoise, chartreuse, tangerine…they come in so many colors and styles, it’s impossible to choose between them!

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