National Stationery Show 2016

National Stationery Show 2016





Every year the National Stationery Show is one of the most anticipated events of the year…in the Paper World. Tons of creative brands and individuals dish out their latest designs, looks, and ideas – and this year our favorite ladies attended this year’s show. Cindy and Ashley are two of Paper Affair Dallas’ greatest managers and have been with our stores since the very beginning. For both of them, this first time at the New York show was especially exciting as the NSS celebrated their 70th anniversary.

Here’s a re-cap of their experience!






The NSS was absolutely incredible. This is not just because there were so many new and exciting things, but it opened up Cindy and my hearts even more to the love of paper goods and it was comforting to be in such a big room with fellow stationery lovers! A few of my favorite highlights included:
  • Talking “stationery shop” with vendors. It’s not often you find people deep in the stationery business like we are. To be able to toss back trends, printing processes, bridal buzz and paper products was delightful.
  •  Meeting the owners of the stationery designers. As our owner Melissa is a hardworking, local mom of two kiddos, most of these vendors also have families at home. To meet and chat with the designers and see how hard they work to influence the importance of stationery, invitations and traditional correspondence was inspiring.
  • Seeing an exquisite stationery designer that only the richest of the richest order from. We are talking about $60k order minimum. I saw concrete stamped invites, leather folders to hold a wedding invite and a glass vessel with custom wedding colors in broken glass within the invitation. I walked away knowing our prices are more affordable (ha!) but furthermore that we at Paper Affair Dallas thrive off of different.
The experience was more than I could have imagined and I walked away from it recharged, inspired and excited for what was coming soon to Paper Affair Dallas and thankful for the trip to NYC!



Paper Affair Dallas is celebrating our 9th Anniversary and boy have we’ve grown!  It’s so exciting to see the changes over the Years! At Paper Affair Dallas we are always striving to bring our customers the latest and greatest so we decided to head to New York to see what we could discover and our trip to the National Stationery Show was a success. The goal of our trip was to find  album vendors that provide new, fresh options for invitations for weddings, rehearsal dinners, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, showers and parties. It was exciting to be there and we had a lot of options to choose from.  We purchased a digital line called BT Elements and it is just fantastic and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I think it’s going to give us lots of choices and some really great options for Bar & Bat Mitzvahs. We also picked up a line called Kramer Drive that includes 4 books with a vast number of choices. We will have options for Parties, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, Stationery & Holiday. Our next purchase is from a custom line that will provide lots of printing options, die cutting, painted edges and will be a great avenue for our custom designs. And our last vendor we purchased, we found Kleinfelds, yes like the store in the TV show “Say Yes to the Dress” and they have their own stationery line!  It gives us really beautiful choices for wedding invitations. Ashley and I were inspired and excited about showing our clients all of these beautiful possibilities. One last line… We also picked up a wrapping paper storage and work container that will be stocked in the store that you will totally want to buy for everyone! All our lines should be in in a couple weeks… be sure to drop by and browse!
All Photos Provided Courtesy of Ashley Dresselhuys