Lake Lovin’

The summer is prime time for spending all your time at the beach. Most people may think of sunny Miami or Cozumel, but when we dream about the beach, we dream about going to the lake!

Whether you have a new lakehouse or a place that’s been in your family for generations, Paper Affair has great decorations to make it feel like the perfect getaway spot!

Maple Leaf At Home Boards


For an elegant, southern touch, Maple Leaf At Home has made these traditional cutting boards. Showing off your Texas pride or letting your guests know that you’re ready to relax has never looked so beautiful!

Always Greener Turf Mats


These mats are easily a favorite–they can be custom-made into a monogram or your address number! They give your home a natural look and are great for bringing a personal touch straight to your door.


Collins Painting Decor


Want to get away from traditional and give your lakehouse a more modern feel? Collins Painting decorations are perfect! The hand-drawn calligraphy is cute and personal, and will make you feel right at home.



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