For stationery lovers

Happy National Handwriting Day! Well actually its this Wednesday, the 23rd. Oh yes, you read it right. January 23 is National Handwriting Day. What is this handwriting you speak of? Why, its that thing you do when your hand holds a pencil or pen and makes contact with a sheet of paper to make words. Such an archaic form of communication in our generation, so it makes sense that we wouldn’t know about this holiday. But here we are, now you have no excuse! =)

Remember way back when in kindergarten where you had to actually practice writing in a form called D’Nealian! Nowadays, the art of handwriting is lost (insert soapbox about stationery as a dying art here) to the fast tech world we’ve quickly grown accustomed to. In our generation, the most celebrated handwriters are the ones we call calligraphers. Good golly – they have ridiculously beautiful strokes when it comes to writing and the best way you get to see their work is when you receive an invitation. Handwriting – it gives an extra oomph paper. If you haven’t handwritten anything in awhile. Write NOW! And no not handwriting a grocery list doesn’t count. Write down some words on some beautiful stationery and give it to someone. Juat remember: it has to still be legible.


Example of Calligraphy used for Addressing Envelopes


Example of Calligrapher used in an Invitation

D’Nealian Handwriting