A Reminder of Why We Do The Things We Do During The Holidays

It’s September. That means the holidays are coming in and in the midst of school activities, family gatherings, and personal time to yourself the one thing that is always dreaded but required is sending greeting cards. History tells us that greeting cards were traced back to the days of ancient Chinese and the Egyptians where the greetings were elaborate ways to celebrate festivities. Before the internet, snail mail was the way to go and the only way to communicate. And it wasn’t until 1840 that a man named Henry Cole started the first commercialization of greeting cards (http://www.printpelican.com/histgreet.html) by sheer accident. Having delayed his greetings to family and friends, he called an artist by the name of John C. Horsley to design a unique and creative card so that he could send it as soon as possible. Horsley ‘printed about 1000 unique holiday cards (Cole sold the extras for 1 shilling each, which probably paid for his postage bill for the season.) The holiday card provided the basis for what would become the standard Christmas greeting card:  a holiday picture with a brief message:  ”A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You!” ‘. This became an instant hit and would ultimately create a new commercial means for printing.

Alas our generation has become the fastest to create and invent so rapidly that people are frustrated when the new iPhone 5 comes out when they just purchased the 4s. Emails became the most common fashion of communication. Simple phone calls have been reduced to text messages.Our world is slowly losing its means for elaboration, creativity, and most of all personalization. When we think of snail mail we think of bills. We are spammed with mailers, magazines, and other advertisements that it has caused a stigma that snail mail is waste. And in that sense, to have a holiday greeting card is a waste of paper, time, and money.

But remember Grandma or Pop Pop who are unable to see you this Christmas. Just the simple smile of their grandchildren happy and healthy is a enough to make them feel better when they are missing their loved ones. Think of your husband who is far away miles away in a military base camp who has had a rough day. To see his children and beautiful wife’s photo in a card that says ‘I Love You, Merry Christmas’ would make his day better – a gift in fact. What about your best friend who you haven’t spoken to in years because your life has evolved around your family? Just to see that you thought of them goes along way.

With that said, make some time out for sending your greeting cards. Yes, the thought of doing this task is tedious. It requires effort to gather all your loved ones’ addresses and yes it is hard to get your kids to sit still for a picture much less for one where they have to dress up. But just think, all that time that you supposedly wasted will be all worth it when the recipient’s heart has melted and a smile creeps up on their face.

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