A leopard wall means its time for fall!

Break out the sweaters, pull on your boots, and get ready for the Autumn season! Every season at the Plano store our windows get a little TLC. This year, we’ve gone wild!



This year we’re making all the fall holidays bigger and better. Halloween? It’s going to be epic. WHy? Look at these giant long witch legs hanging on our walls! (Just wait until Christmas comes around – we’ve got some Santa legs too…) Thanksgiving? Legen-wait for it-dary! Of course we’ve got the personalized pumpkin stakes. These make for great hostess gifts not to mention they’ll never ring the doorbell to the wrong house again. Personalization starts at $8 – not too shabby!



Seriously, we have so much to make your Halloween scarier and your Thanksgiving dinner more memorable. We recommend you get your Paper Affair fix in’ soon.